Playroom for children

Play, play, play and be happy

Für die Gästekinder steht auf dem Samerhof in Mariapfarr ein wunderschönes und neues Kinderspielzimmer zur Verfügung.

For the children, there is a wonderful, new playroom at the Samerhof in Mariapfarr.
The hearts of kids will beat faster when they spend their vacation at the Samerhof in Mariapfarr, because there is a playroom just for them. Our young vacationers can run around and maybe even make new friends.

Kids can sit down together and build with Legos in the playroom, paint, play games, or get involved in an intense game of table soccer. Vacations are truly fun here. The playroom is not far at all from the farmhouse parlor, where the breakfast buffet is served in the mornings. In other words, mom and dad can enjoy a quiet chat with each other and enjoy their vacation time together, while the kids are still close at hand.

In the playroom:

  • Legos
  • painting corner
  • table soccer
  • many games