Summer in Mariapfarr

Vacation in the sunniest town in all of Austria

Mariapfarr is a town in the Lungau region with a therapeutic climate and the most hours of sunshine in Austria.

Mariapfarr has a lot to offer in summer as well as in winter. Mariapfarr is only a few minutes from the Samerhof. In Mariapfarr you can dine out and let the products of the Lungau region melt on your tongue. A visit to the pilgrimage museum, the famous "Silent Night" museum of lyricist Josef Mohr, or a visit to the church in Althofen will shed light on the history of Mariapfarr. Folk customs and traditions are reflected in the famous Samson procession and many other events in Mariapfarr. You can enjoy alpine wellness, not only in the magnificent countryside surrounding Mariapfarr, but also at Vital & Wellnesscenter Samsunn, with which the Samerhof is a partner business.

Urlauben am Samerhof


  • Sun Guarantee
  • Therapeutic Climate
  • Vital & Wellnesscenter Samsunn
  • Joseph Mohr "Silent Night" Museum
  • Self-Guided Sun Path
  • Pilgrimage Museum
  • Church in Althofen
  • Mother Church of the Lungau
  • Amateur Theater Group
  • Samson Procession
  • Fanningberg Ski and Hiking Area

A pristine landscape with clear brooks, meadows, and mountain lakes reminds us that nothing is more important than intact nature, a place where you can stock up on strength and energy without any need for recourse to anything but pure nature. The therapeutic climate of the spa town of Mariapfarr, which received this title because of its exceptionally favorable location atop a sunny natural terrace, is conducive to our bodily well-being and health.