Culture and Customs

Customs, traditions and a rich culture – all of them alive and well

The entire year in the Lungau region is characterized by customs, traditions, and culture. The people of Lungau are excited about every guest who wants to join them and experience some of the events on the Lungau cultural calendar.

In the Lungau region, folk customs, culture, and tradition aren’t staged for visitors as they are in many other regions, instead being faithfully perpetuated by the locals. In other words, all of our festivals and events are authentic and original, far-removed from shows put on for tourists. The beautiful thing is that guests are sincerely welcome to participate in our various cultural festivities.

The Lungau cultural scene boasts exceptional amateur theater groups, several of which are award-winning. Lungau music is very versatile. Pay attention to our postings of upcoming events. Lungau’s cultural calendar reflects the entire spectrum of customs, culture, and tradition. Harvest Festival, Summer in the Hills, Kasmandl festivities, Krampus parade, the United Festival Week, Easter bonfires, Prangstangen and Samson parades, Prebersee target shooting contest are some of the traditions of the Lungau region for which we are so renowned.