The Animals of Samerhof Farm

Pet, feed, ride, and hug

The animals of the Samerhof look forward to all the petting they get from our guests.

Your vacation will turn into an exceptional experience as you help take care of the horses, ponies, cows, calves, rabbits, goats, and guinea pigs here at the Samerhof in Mariapfarr. This is mainly a lot of fun for the children, and at the same time shows them how life at the farm works. The animals also look forward to being petted and fed by the children. In addition, our cuddly animals are good at keeping a quietly whispered secret!
Adults also enjoy all of our animals with names such as Prinz, Kohle, Spiegel, Wirbelwind, Gina, Schnucki, Susie, and Fipsi.
In the winter, our team of Noriker horses pulls the sleigh, and in summer, they are glad to spend time in the meadow.
Don’t forget, many animals are awaiting you at the Samerhof:

  • our Noriker horses, Kohle and Spiegel
  • ponies Wirbelwind and Prinz
  • the goats, Gina and Schnucki
  • the guinea pigs, Fipsi and Susie
  • rabbit family Hoppel
  • many cows and their calves